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EDhear tapped to help launch the Rena Carter Foundation

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

The EDhear, Inc. team was tapped to help launch the Rena Carter Foundation. The foundation’s plan is to disrupt generational poverty through financial literacy and college access, especially for first generation college students. Demetrius Lockett is the founder and chairman; Alisha Thomas Cromartie serves as the executive director.

“We enjoyed helping to launch the Rena Carter Foundation,” said EDhear President Stephen J. Alford. "The work that the foundation is leading will make a significant difference in financial literacy among students in Metro-Atlanta," continued Alford. "Their efforts will have a direct, real-world benefit to students and parents."

Immediately following the launch of the Rena Carter Foundation, and in celebration of Financial Literacy Month, the foundation promoted their first scholarship contest for Georgia students in grades 8 through 12. Georgia students from all income levels were eligible to compete for a $1,500 scholarship. The contest required participants to use a scenario provided by the foundation to develop a sustainable financial plan for a recent college grad. On May 21, Rena Carter Foundation Executive Director Alisha Thomas Cromartie surprised McEachern High School Student Tyriq Hearst with a $1,500.00 check and named him the first recipient and winner of the 2019 Rena Carter Foundation scholarship.

After learning that a number of college students are unable to register for class or continue their college education, EDhear helped the Rena Carter Foundation establish and promote an emergency scholarship fund. The purpose of the scholarship was to help fill the gap of a Georgia student's balance that prevented him or her from enrolling for the semester or completing a degree. Over $13,000.00 in scholarships were awarded.

EDhear worked closely with the foundation to plan and deliver a host of programs. However, a critical offering that EDhear delivered to the foundation was earned media coverage, which helped to validate the foundation’s mission and build awareness around financial literacy and college access.

During interviews on local radio, Founder Demetrius Lockett promoted scholarship opportunities and the foundation's support for Atlanta families."We want to support first-generation college students by providing resources and life skills that will help them today and in the future," said Rena Carter Foundation Founder and Chair Demetrius Lockett. "We want to support the countless parents, teachers, and school leaders in helping students succeed in life," continued Lockett.

The EDhear team also designed and published the Rena Carter Foundation's website, launched social media channels, and produced a number of videos to promote scholarship opportunities. The portfolio of services delivered to the Rena Carter Foundation fostered a successful launch and immediately established a following for the foundation.

The Rena Carter Foundation is in the midst of establishing a rich tradition of changing the trajectory of students across the state. Class of 2019 high school students, who will be first-generation college students, were celebrated by the foundation in a ceremony in June.

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